Lease Purchase Success Home Study System


James Gage's Lease Option , AKA Rent to Own  Investing System

Lease Purchase System: Your A - Z resource guide on How To: Find, Negotiate, Secure and close your Lease Purchase Deals. Everything you need to get started in this creative real estate niche is contained in this comprehensive package. This is not another "get rich quick" scheme, just solid practical information. This system includes the following...

      Lease Purchase Manual: Our comprehensive, straight-forward, non-legalistic format will equip the user with all the knowledge and tools needed to secure properties using the Lease Purchase, AKA Rent To Own method. This user friendly manual leads you step-by-step through the mechanics & paperwork of a Lease Purchase deal; whether you’re a first time home buyer or beginning a real estate investing portfolio or seasoned investor this system is for YOU.

      Negotiating For Profit Course w/ Companion CD: This is the product of years of negotiating as an arbitrator, investor and mentor. Learn the essential steps of negotiating a deal like a seasoned pro. Don't like talking on the phone or talking to people, or forget what you should say when faced with a real life situation? Well, James has that covered too with his companion CD, which will cause all the above problems to disappear !

      Lease Purchase Software: Our software package contains all the contracts, assignments, releases and marketing forms you will need to operate this home based business.

      7 Audio CDs: with over 8 Hours of jam packed, cutting edge information recorded Live in New England. Retail $ 129.00

      7 DVDs :  This is James Gage's 1 day seminar, with bonus footage of “How to Use Lease Options with Foreclosures”. Retail $199.00

      Data Base Software: The same software James uses to manage his buyer's, seller's, investor's and leads ! This alone is has a retail value of   $199.00 !

      Bonus 1: One Mentoring Session with the Author James Gage, to help you get that first deal under your belt - fast! Retail $250.00

      Bonus 2: How to Build A Real Estate Power Team (Not pictured): This  2 CD is a must for every investor, shave years off putting together the perfect team from seasoned investors. Retail $99.00

What people are saying about this system...

" I was very surprised, this course covered all the bases! No generic information here just real world experience and strategies. Thanks for adding to my bank account without risk! " Mark Sutor, Macon, GA

" This guy really thinks outside the box! I have read and listened to a lot of stuff on options, but never heard this information to this extent- thank you, thank you !"  Caroline Braxl, Boulder CO

AND, as in all my systems . . . You'll learn MUCH, MUCH, MORE!

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