The Art of The Short Sale


"Want to Know The Awesome Secret of Cashing In On Pre-foreclosure Homes, Even When They Have Zero Equity? Short Sale Real Estate Investing is the Answer? 

How About Getting The Lender To Give You A Discount On The Property Of 40-60%?  Let Me Show You...  

From The Desk of James Gage:

The hottest topic in real estate investing today is SHORT SALES. Why? Because 80% of the mortgage market is made up of interest only, negative amortization and sub-prime loans ( and we know what's happening with  them ).

During the next 18 months these loans will come to maturity requiring re-financing. The problem with this is that the real estate market has gone soft, therefore property values have decreased by at least 20% preventing the possibility of re-financing.

What does this spell? Opportunity !  

This is a technique that will allow you to make large profits buying pre-foreclosure properties with zero equity.   

That's right, make big money with no equity homes!

Foreclosures are skyrocketing, so there is a huge opportunity for every investor that understands loan mitigation, loan discounting, short sales, forbearance and loan recasting. 

 SHORT SALES Made Easy ...

 ..... we lift the veil on all the secrets of Short Sales, so you can put them to work in your pre-foreclosure investing program right now. 

         The economy is sluggish.  

         Tens of thousands are losing jobs.  

         Lenders are swamped with foreclosures.

The big news is "banks don't want to own houses."  

They will listen to offers for discounted loan payoffs.  Savvy investors can cash in BIG!

Banks are in the business of lending money not owning thousands of homes.  Once they file a foreclosure action on a home they are now willing to accept a loan pay off with up to a 60% discount!  

Do you get it? 


When you find a home owner facing foreclosure (pre-foreclosure) and there is a mortgage balance on his home of, say, $120,000 -  the bank may accept a payoff of $55,000 to $70,000....  

During this period of financial adjustment, that's happening hundreds of times every day.  

 It is sometimes possible to buy a $185,000 home for as little as $70,000!

Most foreclosure homes have little or no equity... most investors turn their backs on those deals... they don't know how to make them work.  

Learn how to negotiate short sales and reap those huge profits... just like the old pro investors!

Learn to increase your Short Sale conversions 75% !

Yes,  you really can buy homes with huge, built-in profits.... if you know the tricks and secrets of a Short Sale deal.  In SHORT SALES MADE EASY !  

You'll learn exactly how to initiate discount loan deals.  

         Who to call, 

         What to say, 

         What to offer, 

         How to frame the offer, 

         What's needed to support the discount offer and 

All the ways the banks will consider settling the loan for far less than the outstanding balance. There are so many of these breath taking deals being made now that banks have established special departments that do nothing but negotiate them!

 This is a awesome opportunity and the window is open for incredible profits RIGHT NOW!  

 Soon the real estate market will be jolted by higher interest rates and banks will find even more motivation to discount loans.

 Yes, there is no end in sight... short sales will remain your powerful profit tool.  

There's no time to waste!  This easy to read, easy to understand manual lays it all out so you can get started immediately after reading these exciting instructions.

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