Our specialty is providing proven cash flow methods that are easy enough for beginners or seasoned individuals to begin making a solid living through real estate investing, negotiating and leveraged investing through One-on-One Mentoring.

Whether you have a business already or are just starting out, we can and will help.

Why would a busy man like James want to spend his time helping you? He knows that if he helps bring you to the top where he's at right now; if he shows you how to completely eliminate your competition and dominate your market; if he shows you how to become successful, wealthy, and secure, it's likely you'll continue to do business with him far into the future, in an effort to pay him back for all that he's done for you. It's also likely that you'll keep coming back to James because by that time, you'll have absolute proof that his advice has brought you much success and wealth.

He's taken all the right steps in all the right directions; he also has made all the mistakes so you donít have too!

The average individual sits and waits for the right business opportunity to come along. James doesn't wait! He's constantly creating the latest and greatest business opportunities that you hear about in national business magazines. His website is not full of untested theories like so many other websites on the net these days.

No, his Gage Consulting Group website and the products you'll find within it, have all been tested, re-tested and proven to create a substantial income for all that apply his advice. His clients have achieved phenomenal success by applying his methods and concepts to their businesses. You now have access to the same proven information that has taken James's clients to the top. Please bookmark this website, but first take a tour and test-drive some of the information offered here.

James has tested just about every business system and advertising method you could name. He knows what works and what doesn't !

If you'd like James to be your mentor or to do some consulting for you, call him at  508-595-9567.


"You are who you are and where you are because of what you have put into your mind."

For more information or pricing please do not hesitate to call or e-mail. I can be reached at (508) 595-9567.